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Our artifacts museum is currently comprised of collections that cross various genres and formats. It includes original autographs, vinyl records, album covers, event flyers and tickets, books, posters, photo journals, and personal correspondence.

The educational research lab is the sandbox where we collaborate and workshop ideas concerned with the preservation and access of our artifacts, evaluation of hip hop based pedagogies, and development of educational programming for youth and youth influencers.

The HipHop2020 Curriculum Program, known as HipHop2020, is one of our flagship programs for using curated and digitized artifacts as pedagogical tools in STEM and leadership development. HipHop2020′s focus is K-12 and post-secondary.

Much praxis research has been done on the validity and replicability of hip-hop based education (HHBE) in diverse learning environments. Our resources include lessons, units, activities, and digital resources that aid in the implementation of HHBE across multiple subjects and standards.


Featured on ScratchVision, @djjaycee313 played the ORIGINAL version of “Kiss”, which was recorded by Mazarati before Prince said “i’ll show y’all how to do this son!!” if he had never added his vocals and spruced the track up, that song very well would’ve languished in obscurity.

VH1 investigates the rich, complex untold story of Atlanta’s fascinating rise to the top of the rap industry, which created a major fore within American music. Featuring interviews from Ludacris, Usher, T.I., Lil Jon, Dr. Joycelyn Wilson and more.

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"Our goal is to take teaching and learning up a notch! Music, hip hop, technology. That's our pathway"

− Joycelyn Wilson, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech School of Education; Founding Director, Four Four Beat Project

"Work it harder, make it better. Do it faster, makes us stronger. More than ever hour after. Our work is never over."

− Daft Punk, ''Harder Better Faster Stronger'',2001

"It ain’t hard to tell. I excel then prevail. The mic is contacted. I attract clientele."

− Nas, ''It Ain’t Hard to Tell'', Illmatic. 1994

"Rap is poetry. It's thought-provoking and it's thought behind it and there's great writing in rap as well. You never hear rappers being comapred to the greatest writers of all time. You hear Bob Dylan, but so is Biggie Smalls in a Hitchcock way...If you take those lyrics and pull them from the music and put them up on a wall they would say this is genius work..."

− Shawn ''Jay-Z'' Carter, speaking on the implications of rap music.

"I break into a lyrical freestyle. Grab the mic, look into the crowd and see smiles. Cause they see a woman standing up on her own two. Sloppy slouching is something I won't do."

− Queen Latifah. ''Ladies First''. All Hail the Queen. 1989.

"HHBE is education focused on the culture of a marginalized population who has been told for a very long time that they do not have the tools that are necessary to be successful in classrooms and they become successful in the classroom in spite of that (''lack of tools)...all you need is you."

− Chris Emdin, Assoc. Professor, Teacher's College; Chief Visionary, Science Genius BATTLES and HipHopEd, author of Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation

"Hip Hop Education is embedded in the act of critically reading one’s reality to understand oppression and domination to create counter narratives."

− Bettina Love, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia and author of Negotiating Hip Hop Identities and Politics in the New South

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