Our Story

Our campaign to build a legacy around Hip Hop and its relationship with education and innovation started in 2008 at Morehouse College as the HipHop2020 Curriculum Project, or simply HipHop2020. Our goal was to produce as much educational content as possible – classes, workshops, lectures, conferences, summer programs, social media and digital marketing campaigns. Our focus remains on enhancing the social justice and civic leadership capacities of secondary and post-secondary youth and youth influencers. Since then, we’ve grown into a resource for teachers and educators. And through the acquisition of the Michael Webster Collection we established the Four Four Beat Project as an umbrella for representing the diversity of our curriculum, our collections, and our expansion into the virtual. 

A seven-point social justice rubric for pedagogical innovation

O: Open-minded thinking

Contemplation, thoughtful and critical reflection 

U: Uprightness

Choosing to do the right thing…even when it’s unpopular

T: Truth

Awareness. Social, cultural, political, economic, and spiritual awareness. Stay woke.

K: Kinship

Knowledge of self, others, society, and spirit. 

A: Accountability

Responsibility to self and others.

S: Sequence

Recognizing the order of things.

T: Teach Love


The Outkast Imagination Explained

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The Outkast Imagination In Action

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