When youth and youth influencers engage with hip hop culture in its most indigenous form, the goal is to engage, (re)create, and curate something.  That “something” might be an idea, a concept, a skill or talent, or an artifact such as vinyl records or visual art. From this perspective, hip hop culture can be defined as an expressive artform with both educational and technological imperatives for sustaining itself as a tool or medium for teaching and learning.HipHop2020 is the curriculum development arm of the Four Four Beat Project. For the last seven years, HipHop2020 has worked with a range of organizations, schools, and post-secondary institutions to create innovative programming that utilizes hip hop based aesthetic practices (such as DJing, MCing, graffiti art, and breakdancing), pop culture, and new technologies such as Facebook and Twitter as tools for teaching and learning in formal, informal, and non-formal learning environments. With the recent acquisition of hip hop based artifacts, our focus has grown from authentic leadership development and social justice awareness to exposure to STEM opportunities  in K-12 and post-secondary learning environments. Our main collaborator on STEM-based programming is Science Genius B.A.T.T.L.E.S. We believe there is a science and art to hip hop-based pedagogies that – when used effectively – can make science, technology, engineering, and mathematics more accessible and applicable to the next generation of innovators, artists, and thought leaders.From this perspective, the primary aim of HipHop2020 is to bring clarity (20/20) to the constructive elements of hip hop-based education through curriculum development and artifact preservation, conservation, and access.  The educational principles that guide our curriculum work are rooted in truth, honesty, reciprocity, balance, order, justice, and righteousness. Working with teachers, educators, students, and other youth/youth influencers, we seek to create a capacity for change at the local community level, thereby growing our capacity to influence change at the national and global level. 



We believe that education and schooling should provide students with the skills and facts to help them think critically about the knowledge they receive.


We believe that all children should receive an education that create opportunities for extracting, analyzing, interrogating, and and synthesizing central themes of the knowledge taught to them.

Love & Harmony

We believe that love has a place in schools. In fact, love is necessary for a harmonious environment where students and teachers can thrive together and work for the betterment of the educational environment that they share.


We believe that educational opportunities should be equal and fair. Equally, we believe that a well-rounded educational experience should equip students with a compassion and awareness for social justice issues. Schools are places where youth and youth influencers can problem-solve about ways to alleviate racial, economic, and gender inequities. 


We believe that a good education starts with students acquiring “knowledge of self” and a “sense of community”. As a students learns about their gifts and talents, they are better equipped with how to utilize those skills for their personal fulfillment within a contribution to civil society.


We believe that the practice of schooling and education requires the co-generation of knowledge between the student and the teacher. Learning is not a one-dimensional action.  Neither is teaching. We believe that teachers are not as effective if they are not also learning from their students. We also believe that students are not as engaged in the learning process if they are not able to communicate what is being taught. The ideal learning environment is one where the teacher and the student shift between their primary roles.




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