The Four Four Beat Project:

Curating artifacts, digitizing music!

A virtual experience for youth and youth influencers!

The Four Four Beat Project is a digital archive offered to subscribers to virtually enjoy. It is inclusive of 10,000+ Hip Hop-inspired cultural artifacts, along with rare and popular music spanning 1940 to 2016. It includes gospel, blues, jazz, rock and roll, soul, rap/Hip Hop, funk, alternative, and dance. These artifacts are available in various forms: vinyl, cassette, as CDs, and in digital formats. We also have Hip Hop-inspired books, photos, paraphernalia, original autographs, fashion, magazines, movies, and movie soundtracks.

These online resources are for K-12 and post-secondary educational purposes. They are used to design classroom instruction for use by teachers, students, music enthusiasts, and anyone who is interested in learning more about what happens at the intersection where music, culture, and pedagogy collide.

We curate arts-based pedagogies. Our aims are rooted in the Hip Hop Imagination and uniquely situated at the nexus of art and music, social justice and civic engagement, technology, and education. We aim to raise the volume on culturally-resilient teaching and learning using 21st-century trends.

Our mission is to serve our audience with a one-stop experience offering virtually-accessible resources concerning Hip Hop pedagogy and more.

Virtual 4-4 is our bread and butter.

It is what we are most proud of because here is where we are raising the volume on how universities, libraries, youth, and youth influencers access educational artifacts in a virtual space. Virtual 4-4 turns the physical environment into a virtual one. With the click of a button, we beam the materials right into the classroom. The Four Four archive currently includes four rooms: The Michael Webster Room, The HipHop2020 Collection, Virtual 4-4 Study Hall, and the Virtual 4-4 Gallery.

Each room provides access to digital versions of our physical archive, which includes albums, photos, (classroom) videos, autographs, books, lesson plans, and timeless memorabilia.

To enter, keep in mind Virtual 4-4 has two versions: Pro and Lite. For a seamless, and more fluid experience we suggest the Pro version. Pro requires you download the Unity plug-in (not big at all). Once downloaded, you will land in the Michael Webster room and your tour begins. Navigation instructions will allow you to interact with each artifact. Turn up your volume so you can watch the videos and literally hear yourself walk from room to room.

We suggest the Lite version if you want to view the rooms separately or on your mobile device. Lite offers a panoramic tour of each room separately. Either way, enjoy and comment on how we are doing. Let us know how we can help you.

Enter Virtual 4-4